Twist Out Results

Z wore her twists for a week before I decided to have her wear a twist out for Church this past Sunday. The day before, I rinsed her hair with water and re-moisturized her hair so that her twists can hang straighter for her twist out. Sunday morning, her twists were dry, full, and well hydrated. I used coconut oil on my hands to provide slip (to minimize the frizz effect) as I untwisted each of her twists. I began untwisting by turning each twist counterclockwise at its base and gently sliding my index finger down between the two sections of the twist until they are completely separated. I did not further separate the twists because I wanted to keep the definition of her twist out intact for the day.

The results came out great especially after her trim from last week. I really adore the shape of her hair on her face although she thought her hair looked funny at first. She is not accustomed to wearing her hair in a twist out mainly because she is still a heavy tumbler on the floor so I just can't fathom the thought of her getting her hair all tangled and dry for all her day to day rough play. She did get compliments on her hairstyle which boosted her likability for this hairstyle. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I retwisted her entire head to prep for another week of jumping, rolling, tumbling, and overall rough playing. My plan is to wash her hair this week and possibly twisting her hair again for another week or two. My goal is to give the heavy parting (from braids, pigtails, and cornrows) a break to allow her scalp to rest.

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