Two Strand Twists and a Puff

Beautifully Curled: Two Strand Twists with a Puff

Last night, I applied Shea Moisture's Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque with some coconut oil into Z's hair overnight and rinsed it out this morning. For her style, I used Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk and Aloe Vera Gel on slightly damp hair.  I decided to secure the base of each twist with a little clip to reduce the puffiness as her hair dries and set (a technique I pinned on Pinterest). It really did not slow down the styling process although we did had to go run some errands before I was able to complete her entire head with twists. Therefore, I re-moisturized the top section of loose hair, placed it into a pony puff, and removed the clips. The roots of the twists in the back section of her head were really set and tight. I was quite pleased with the results. The twists near the top were still a little damp so they puffed up some after removing the clip but it was no big deal to me. I was just experimenting with the clips anyway.

I thought her temporary style was cute but Z did NOT warm up to it because she felt she looked silly and people would laugh at her. Hearing her say this broke my heart because although I know she is particular about her hairstyles overall, I always try to instill in her that it is not her hair that defines her beauty but her personality and her just being her. Words of affirmation are really important to her esteem and that is why it is so important for me to instill confidence in her at a young age. We rarely have these meltdowns over hair because I know what she likes, but sometimes life happens and sometimes there has to be a change of plans even when it comes to hair styling. I just want her to know that she can rock any hairstyle because she her warm and beautiful (yet sometimes sassy) personality outshines the style of her hair on any given day. She quickly changed her perspective about looking silly once she received all kinds of compliments about her hair. My girl was back to being my girl. :)

Beautifully Curled: Two Strand Twists with a Puff

Once we were settled for the evening, I went ahead and finished the top portion of her head. Her hair is so tightly curled that I had to be extra gentle with finger de-tangling the section before proceeding with parting. I gave her a side part and continued with the clips at the base of the twists as they dried. I decided to keep the clips in her hair overnight to see if they will aid in keeping her twists in a certain position by the time she wakes up in the morning. I will post an update of the results.

Beautifully Curled: Two Strand Twists with a Puff

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