Ghana Plaits Piggyback Hairstyle

After completing the second set of Ghana plaits, I played around with different hairstyles until I settled with the one pictured in this post. Originally I wanted the plaits to connect upward but my creativity did not go far with that idea. The plaits connecting horizontally was something I could envision clearly in my head as and manifest on Z's head.

Connecting the plaits was easier than I thought. I still need more practice with my creative parting skills but I really do like how this second set of Ghana plaits turned out especially without having to use any barrettes or bands to secure anything. Her hair is literally held together by a thread(s).

I asked Z what she thought of her style after she looked in the mirror, and her response was, 'Eh." I know that she would rather wear the plaits down, but I told her that if she wants healthier hair, her ends have to be protected most times. She settled for my explanation and went on about her business. lol At least she allowed me to get some pictures.

Hopefully she will enjoy the style more once we add a few colorful accessories to dress it up. I will maintain the style by moisturizing it with my spritz as needed every one or two days. The goal is two weeks. We will see!

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