Experimenting with Flexi Rods--Update

Last night I added Flexi Rods to the loose sections of Z''s hair for a new look to her week old hairstyle. I have not used flexi rods in a looooooong time, but the process was fairly quick and simple. After removing the rods this morning, I did not do any manipulation. I just let them hang where they may. Her curls set pretty well overnight and there were no damp sections of hair. I really love the look and am curious how long they will hold up--I am think another day or two. Z likes the bounciness of the curls and kept rocking her head for a few moments after I took down the rods.

I will pin the loose section of hair up after the curls fall to help keep her hair from frizzing up too much before wash day on Friday. Do not be afraid to experiment with the flexi rods to switch up an old style. They can do wonders! :)

Be blessed!

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