Revamping an Old Style: Experimenting with Flexi Rods

I always appreciate when a hairstyle can get me through two Sundays! The first Sunday is a breeze because normally Z's hair is styled either that Friday or Saturday; leading up to the second Sunday, things can get rough aka frizzy. Nevertheless, most times we just work with it the best way we can (and while I can before we establish a whole new weekly routine when she starts kindergarten next Fall). Normally this will entail using headbands and bows to help distract from the frizzy hairline. Today, I decided to try something different for tomorrow morning--I set the top of her Pinterest Inspired Cornrow Hairstyle with flexi rods.

I unraveled her pinwheels aka cinnabuns from the top of her head and was amazed by how moisturized her ends have been. Since I am setting her hair overnight, I **lightly** spritzed her hair with our water/aloe vera juice/conditioner mix so that her hair will **hopefully** be dry in the morning.

I finger detangled the loose hair to ensure I was distributing the spritz throughout the section of hair to achieve a successful set in the morning. In order to get her curls as smooth as possible, I had to find a way to reduce some of the frizz along each section of hair without using a brush.

I decided to roll each section first before wrapping it around the flexi rod. I am not sure how this will turn out by morning time, but for right now, this seems to be a feasible solution to the frizzy dilemma.

The completed head! This only took about 20 minutes to do and hopefully in the morning, we will be enjoying a new twist to an older hairstyle. If it does not work out, hair pins will be our friends! :-) Updates will be posted tomorrow.

Be blessed and goodnight!

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