Look What I Found: The Bead Barrette

Honestly, I cannot stress to you enough how EXCITED I am to have in my possession the product you see here. This accessory is just pure genius! But first, let me explain how I got to this point in the first place!

The other day, I did a simple Google search to see what other natural hair blogs for girls I can visit and came across the blog Brown Girls Hair. Upon exploring the blog, I was led to the blogger's YouTube channel and watched one of her videos reviewing and demonstrating this product called The Bead Barrette.

Now, let me tell you: I am not the type to watch a review or see something and go straight out to impulsively buy a product.  HOWEVER this item's a rare exception!

So what is this product???

It is called The Bead Barrette. To keep things simple, it is a barrette that gives the illusion of a row of 7 individual beads that literally snaps to the ends (or literally wherever you want) of the hair WITHOUT having to:

  1. string hair through lots of beads
  2. use a rubber band

I have never used beads in Z's hair not because of the fact that I would have to string those little beads on her hair (I am a jewelry designer and am accustomed to working with thousands of little beads) but simply because I could not find a feasible alternative to using rubber bands.

Rubber bands are a big no-no at this stage of Z's journey. I am still learning how to manage her hair and do not need any outside factors such as rubber bands encouraging any unnecessary breakage for the sake of accessorizing the hair. I have tried my best to refrain from walking pass the seemingly hundreds of different colored beads at our local beauty megamall shop with Z so I would not entice her interest. She has made it known on several occasions that she wanted to try beads in her hair and my response would be "Not right now." She is so sweet; she would simply say "Ok mom, maybe later." Bless her little patient heart especially when she sees her other friends wearing them.

Anyway, after watching this review, I checked out The Bead Barrette website for more information about the creator of the product, Jennifer, her inspiration behind the product (must read...amazingly practical concept!), and how much it would cost to order a pack or two online. The prices online are reasonable: $3 for a pack of 20 barrettes (illusion of 140 beads). But this process gets even better...

I am usually patient when it comes to ordering online, but when I found out that The Bead Barrette product is sold at Walmart, I got all giddy and thought, "God is doing big things for Jennifer!" It makes me feel great when I see people achieving success in the things they enjoy and mean a lot to them. Kudos to her!!!

Now, I had nothing holding me back. I went on the hunt for The Bead Barrette. Today, I went to one Walmart, and there were no Bead Barrettes. I hopped down closer to my side of town to a bigger Walmart and low and behold, I found them! Z was with me, and when she saw what I have been looking for, she was ecstatic! I picked up a pack of the only two colors available at Walmart--pink and white. Online, there are options in clear and black as well.

I will do a review on the Bead Barrette in a later post once I have truly tested them out in Z's hair over a longer period (a week or two) time to see how they hold up. For now, I will show how a few of the barrettes look in her hair. She was so prissy once I put them in (lol):

Close up:

She cannot wait for me to do a complete style with more barrettes. I guess I will have to postpone my inspired Pompadour hairstyle for later so I can appease her desires to wear her new accessories.

Her current hairstyle has been awesome though! Her scalp did not flake (after the initial application of coconut oil over her entire scalp) and her ends remained well moisturized (as I lightly spritzed her hair every other night).  I pinned up her flexi rod curls into a little Pompadour to switch up the look of her cornrow style again. She is just too awesome...full of personality and she likes for her hair to reflect that as well. Tomorrow, I will take down her braids in prep for deep conditioning.

Until the next update, be blessed!

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