Midweek Update: Hairstyle and Porosity

Just a quick update to say that Z's Pinterest Inspired Cornrows are holding up strong.  I like to show her hairstyles days later to show that frizziness is a natural part of the wear of her styles. She is an active preschooler therefore I have learned to embrace the fact that I can just allow her to enjoy being a four year old without stressing over each and every flyaway and fuzz. My main concern is that she is not scratching like crazy and her hair remains hydrated through all her toughness. I have been spraying her hair every other day with my homemade leave-in spritz for moisture especially since the air has been cutting dry here lately.

I took down the pinwheels I originally had at the top her head and found that her hair--particularly her ends--was still well moisturized and soft in this area. Keeping her ends tucked away during the transition into the winter's colder and drier weather is critical for moisture retention. I plan to implement this practice of doing more hairstyles that are up (off her back to avoid friction with sweaters and coats) and tucked away this season especially as I work to tweak her winter hair routine.

One thing that has sparked my interest is this whole hair porosity theory. As I was spritzing Z's hair, I noticed beads of the spritz just sitting on her hair and wondered how well is her hair absorbing and retaining moisture. I have read some information on various websites and blogs about the meaning of hair porosity, the different levels of porosity our hair can have, how to test for these levels, what it means in regards to moisture retention, and how to implement various methods to help the hair remain well hydrated based on its porosity level. I do plan to do a post laying out different pictures of hair porosity levels and how I test Z's hair porosity. In the meanwhile, I am hoping I can get another week from these cornrows at least. I am always hoping for the best in all my styles even when plenty of them do not last as long as I had hope. But a girl can hope and dream, right?

I am telling you, this child is so silly. The joy of a child is so contagious!!! :) I love it!

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