My Motivation for This Week's Hairstyle

I.LOVE.PINTEREST. Seriously. (Not like in a "worship an idol" kind of way although it is addicting). Rather, I love Pinterest because it is a really awesome tool when it comes to me planning out Z's next hairstyles. I am a creative individual and when I start seeing ideas on Pinterest, my mind starts racing to see how to recreate a particular style or how to add my own special twist to make it unique specifically for Z.

I have over 500 pins on my Natural Hairstyles for Children board and quite often I turn to it to get some styling inspiration and to see if I can find any new and interesting hairstyle to pin for future reference. Last week, I found this pin of a Pompadour cornrow updo hairstyle I TRULY adore (and clearly other pinners based on the amount of repins already):

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I really want to try this style on Z's hair this week, however, I would need to create different part lines since her current hairstyle is similar to the parting of the little girl's hair in the picture. I like to change up the direction of Z's parts between each style to help reduce prolong stresses along the same areas from style to style. I never done a Pompadour style so I am guess I need to part Z's hair in three sections going from the front of the head toward the back to create some fullness in the Pompadour section. Then I would need to braid... Ah, excuse my rambling as I try to dissect this style. I always prefer to at least go into Z's styling sessions with some sort of vision. Many times, a blank canvas,--in this case a head full of stretched hair--can be quite intimidated to maneuver at first. One day, I will get to that freestyle in confidence status. Until then, hopefully I will have Z's next hairstyle figured out in my head by the weekend. I am excited to see what I can come up with especially knowing how far along I have come with braiding Z's hair (will post some of my earliest cornrows in Z's hair in a future post).

Hope you had a wonderful Monday! Be blessed!

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