Pinterest Inspired Cornrow Hairstyle

For this set of cornrows, I was inspired by two styles I pinned on my Natural Children's Hairstyles board on Pinterest:

Beads, Braids and Beyond: Natural Hair Updo: Cinnabuns & Flat Twists

The first style has been repinned over 10 times from my board so I figured I would try my hand at recreating the parting of that style. As far as the top, I am in protective styling mode so I wanted to keep as much of Z's hair tucked away as I can. I thought the second hairstyle would be a great way to accomplish my vision for Z's hairstyle.

I deep conditioned, ACV rinsed, conditioned, and banded her hair accordingly in prep for styling her hair. We are having some issues with dry/itchy scalp so I took some time to oil her scalp with coconut oil. I am looking for any tried and true solutions to this issue because 1) I do not really want her hands in her hair trying to scratch while inadvertently messing up her hairstyle prematurely and 2) I do not want her going around patting her hair like she is a drum (I have taught her that patting is better than scratching (and damaging) the scalp) .

The products I used include:

  • Homemade spritz (Aloe Vera juice, Shea Moisture Curl Milk, and Water)
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel (applied at the root of each cornrow for better hold)
I normally do not like using the exact same parts from the previous style because I do not want to apply stress repeated on the same areas over an extended time. For this style, however, I pretty much used the same major parts as the previous set of cornrows except I shifted the location of the ear to ear parting. The last hairstyle was cornrowed pretty much from the center of the head out toward the edges; this hairstyle, I cornrowed from the edges toward the center. Different directions; different areas of stress.

I started from the back section and cornrow her hair up toward the middle. I braided the back section all the way to the ends. It is a struggle for me to get into the best position to cornrow her hair upward from the back neatly especially when she is into a cartoon on TV. After some negotiating, I was able to turn the TV for a little while and get her to rest her forehead against my thighs as I cornrowed the back. I.FELT.SO.MUCH.BETTER.IN.THAT.POSITION. :) I wanted two little "tendrils" so I cornrowed two braids in the opposite direction.

For the front sections, I just cornrowed her hair toward the middle part. Instead of braiding to the ends, I braided until I got to the end of the cornrow and twisted the remaining section. I did this because I wanted her top section to be fuller when I do the pin wheels and I anticipate on doing a twist out sometime in the future of this hairstyle.

 I took the back section and braided all the ends together into one larger braid, which I tucked under (over??) to protect the ends.

For the top section, I took 2-3 twists at a time and twisted them tightly to cause them to twist onto themselves similar to the bantu knot process. I used hair pins to secure each pinwheel/bantu knot close together.

I left three twists down so she can have bangs to "swing" This child gets diva-ish when she gets her hair done. I like how this hairstyle turned out and hope to update with a twist out version of this style after a week of wear. Be blessed!

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