Quick Three Section Cornrow Style

Chaos describes the past week. Moving is tough especially when it is midweek on a holiday into a small home so that your child can be a better school district. Nevertheless, the move is COMPLETED. Praise God for His bountiful provisions. Now the grand task before us is to unpack our belongings so our place can look more like an organized home instead of a packed warehouse.

So this past Saturday, I removed the Ghana plait piggyback hairstyle because they were pretty much a wrap especially after been rained on. Knowing I did not have much time to invest on an intricate hairstyle, I simply moisturized Z's hair, sectioned into three parts, and did the following style for Church the following day (picture taken POST service).

After Church, I wanted to go ahead and do a quick cornrow style to get us to Thursday/Friday, which I will do her monthly overnight deep conditioning. I am not as advance with coming up with styles on the top of my head but just decided to braid and see what happens. Her hair was fairly stretched since I banded the back section and threaded the top two sections into buns.

I cannot believe it took me this long to discover that I can decently braid Z's hair into larger cornrows! I was flying through her sections much faster than doing smaller cornrows. I am still learning how to improve my technique so my speed is still a little slow for now. Anyway, I was able to whip up this style in 1.5 hours, which is GREAT in MY book!!! :-)

I am in protective style mode so I put the back cornrows into a tucked under bun to keep the ends off her shirts and coat (it feels like winter here, seriously). For the front two sections, I braided the ends of the cornrows into two braids to hang on the sides of her face.

She approved and told me she wanted to keep her "hairstyle like this", which I am glad. :-) She is just so super cute! Thank You God for blessing me with such a spirited girl. I have no clue how I will style her hair later this week but that will figure itself out when the time comes. For now, it is time to unpack to make our place homely. Until next time, be blessed!

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