Starting Monthly Goals and Assessments Next Month

Starting next month, I plan to post monthly goals I would like to achieve in regard to effectively maintaining and caring for Z's hair. I remember when it came to my hair a few years ago, setting monthly goals really motivated me to stay on top of my hair care regimen. Even after a year of dedication and consistency, my was able to achieve huge strides in the condition of my hair as seen below:

My goals were based on length retention; I knew I reached my goal when I have successfully gained/retained half an inch of length for any particular month. Through the process, I discovered that I was most successful when I truly focused on moisturizing my hair on a consistent basis and employing protective styling in my routine approximately 90% of the time. 9 times out of 10, when I spent more time ensuring proper maintenance of my hair, I did not have to fret about how much my hair was retaining in length...that aspect automatically came as a result of good and simple hair practices.

For Z's hair, I want to have that same focus. I will not base her monthly progress on the premise of length retention because I am not sure what the average hair growth rate is for children but rather I will focus primarily on the following two factors:
  • How well I keep her hair properly (not overly) moisturized
    • Doing a deep conditioning every two weeks
    • Spraying her hair with my homemade moisturizing spritz every over night or two
    • Using the LOC method when styling her hair to extend moisture retention
    • Taking care to observe how her hair feels
      • Under moisturizing the hair can lead to really dry and fragile ends which can lead to increase split ends and breakage
      • Over moisturizing the hair can lead to excess swelling of the hair shaft which can lead to breakage
  • How well I gently handle her hair
    • Minimizing hair manipulation
      • Styling her hair in protective styles most of the month
    • Detangling her hair only when wet with conditioner
      • Using the finger-detangle method on hair first before using a wide-tooth comb or modified-Denman brush (this helps reduce excess tension created by comb/brush)
As far as keeping up with length retention, I will do a check quarterly to measure progress. Like I stated earlier, I am unsure what the average hair growth rate is for young children; nevertheless, I believe that if I am consistent in properly caring for her hair, we should natural see great retention.

The reason I am starting next month is because the weather is getting really cool outside and the dryness is already having an effect on our hair. By setting goals each month, I can assess what is working in our regimen or what needs to be modified, added, or removed.

Do you set monthly goals for your child's hair and/or your hair?
Do you find goals to be beneficial to the success of maintaining your child's (or your) hair?

Until the next blessed

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