Throwback Thursday--Finger Coils Hairstyle

These finger coils were back in April 2011 and was a quick style I was able to do with minimal tools--just water, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner, and my fingers. I have not done her hair like this in a long time and MAY revisit this style when it gets warmer.

The twins!!! This was the same set of coils a day later. Gotta love shrinkage (and a busy!

Gosh, don't we grow up too fast. God was NOT kidding when He said our lives are nothing but vapor. That is why I am striving to enjoy each moment because I am aware that in due time, she will no longer be my little girl but instead, my grown woman. Hug your love ones as tight as you can while you can so there are no regrets! :-)

Happy Thursday!

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