When Surprises Hit You, Just Keep Moving

I had so many great intentions for today that I had the day planned to a T. I was going to get up early, get some things done, style Z's hair in the morning to be completed by 11, get out to complete my Thanksgiving grocery shopping by 2, have Z take a nap while I clean around the home, fix dinner and eat by 5, get Z to bed by 7:30, work on the budget, get some pictures edited and articles posted by 10, and relax until I went to bed at 11:30.

Here it is after midnight and I probably got half of the items done. Z kept telling me something last night about Raleigh and something she saw on PBS Kids that she had to get ready for. It did not dawn to me until I got ready to tuck her into bed that she was referring to the Thanksgiving Parade. I TOTALLY forgot! I googled the time for the parade and sure enough it was today. I knew right then that my planned day would not go anything as planned. Usually, I would stress, fret, and get frustrated about these things but I made up in my mind that I will just go with the flow and keep moving on.

The parade ended around 12 (2 hours long), we walked around NCSU (my alma mater), got caught up in the crazy Saturday before Thanksgiving crowd, did not get home until 3:30, had dinner around 7, finished her hair around 8:30, got her to bed around 9:30, and here I am typing when I have to get up in 6 hours for Church in the morning.

Nevertheless, today was a good day despite the drastic changes in plan. I had a great time out with my daughter and got many great shots of her around my old campus (which is such a nostalgic feeling because NCSU is where I met my husband over 9 years ago). Everything was so beautiful with the changes in the leaves. Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy!

I kept it moving...God Bless!

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