Basics 101: The LOC Method Chart

Most know that water is the best way to hydrate our natural hair. However, water alone will not aid in retaining a good moisture balance over an extended time due to certain factors such as dry weather, hair porosity, heat exposure. The optimal method of keeping natural hair properly moisturized involves an effective layering of products on the hair.

The LOC method is a layering system that helps lock in moisture inside the hair shaft over a longer period of time compared to just using water alone. The above picture explains the 3 components to the LOC method and what role each layer plays in hydrating the hair.

The LOC method is very simple to employ and is extremely versatile so that it can be adapted to your own hair needs. In addition, some women find they have better success with switching the O and C steps of the system thus using a LCO method for moisturizing their curls (which I believe may be my case whereas my daughter's hair works well so far with the LOC method).

It is recommended that the LOC (or LCO) be tested on your hair for 2-3 weeks before coming to a conclusion on the efficacy of the method. Nevertheless, please share your experience with the method below!

What products do you use to keep your hair moisturized?
What products just do not work in your moisturizing regimen?
Do you LOC or LCO?

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