Big Lessons in Small Places: The New Pair of Sneakers-Part 1

This post is not hair related but life related as it involves a deep revelation I gained from simply unveiling a pair of new sneakers. God works like that sometimes...

The Reluctancy
Two weeks ago, my husband finally convinced me to get a new pair of sneakers that he had picked out for me online because 1) he knew I needed them and 2) if it was up to my own devises, I probably would never get around to getting a new pair anytime soon because the current pair I have were just "fine".

He ordered the colorful sneakers (totally different from my usual neutral colored sneakers), and they arrived several days later. The first thing I noticed immediately upon picking up the box was its lightness. "Are the shoes even in there?" I asked.

My Comfort Box
My past sneakers all seemed to have the same characteristic of weighing a ton right out the box; it was a quality I expected all my sneakers to have in order to be "good quality" sneakers. I never really CONSIDERED any other options because being the non-sneakers girl I am, I found the process of exploring new shoe designs too daunting, too overwhelming. Rather, I would stay inside my comfort box and stick with what I knew. Knowing what I know now, it is clear that I have been getting the wrong shoes for my intended purpose. I digress...

The Reveal
(Back to my story...)
I opened the box and immediately noticed all the colors blaring in my face. Totally out of my element at first. Nevertheless, I must admit, after a few moments later, I found the look of the shoes pleasing. Intrigued, I proceeded to put one of my feet inside the shoes. I was blown away at how light the shoe felt on my foot. Seriously, the feeling was nothing I have ever felt before in a pair of sneakers. It was mind-blowing, so much to the point that I wanted to keep them on all day. I was floating!

The Reflection
In all my years of buying sneakers, I realized that my ignorance, laziness, and nonchalant attitude have prevented me from exploring and experiencing the improved technology and designs of shoes that are more beneficial for my feet, my body, my physical performance, and my ultimate purpose of becoming a more fit and healthy individual. 

The Revelation
That is what brings me here. Initially when I saw my shoes, I thought about how many times I have gotten on and fallen off the bandwagon of changing my dieting and physical lifestyle and trying to lose the same 15-20 pounds from over 4.5 years ago (a pretty depressing cycle). Then I tried on the shoes and was amazed how light they were and immediately was recharged to pick myself back up again and move forward with my goals. Granted, I am very much aware that it takes more than a new pair of shoes to become fit and lose weight but unveiling these new pair of shoes gave me a sense of hope as I began drifting into deep thought about where these new pairs of shoes will lead me over the next year.

The Application
As I wrap up this year, I realize how much 2013 has been a transitional year as it concerns my spiritual growth especially over the past 3 months. In the painful process of being honest with myself and with God, I have slowly come to the realization that I must CHOOSE victory instead of defeat over the things I have struggled with over and over again throughout the past 5-6 years of my life. I have been holding onto my past shortcomings, failures, losses, disappointments, diversions from MY goals, intense desire to control, control, control, and etc because these aspects of my life were things I was used to carrying around on my back. Unfortunately, I did not realize how debilitating the process of carrying such dead weight (like excess fat) was to my growth in every way. Kind of similar to those heavy clunky workout shoes I was so used to buying over and over the years that made working out so uncomfortable to the point that I would just give up

The lesson in all of this is carrying all that excess weight (or emotional baggage such as unforgiveness) will break you down despite how strong you think you are to carry such mess. And unless you drop the excess, you will not be able to live a free and healthy life. It all boils down the one action: To CHOOSE a new plan of freedom or to STAY with the old plan of bondage.

For 2014, I have decided to choose freedom just as I chose to get a completely different type of shoe outside of my norm. I am choosing freedom through God's abundant grace because it is through His grace I no longer feel I have to condemn myself over past happenings. It is through God's grace that I can actually be free to be as wonderful and unique as God fearfully made me from the very beginning.

In the next post tomorrow morning, I will discuss some things about my life that I used to condemn myself over but instead have now accepted about myself, not as a way of defining who I am, but as a way of allowing my trials and tribulations to help shape me into more refined individual for Christ.

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