December Hair Goals: Combating Winter Dryness

Note: Grrr...Blogger somehow reverted this post back to a draft, and I lost my final posted revisions. I apologize for the double post and different content from the original version.

A few posts ago, I mentioned setting monthly goals for Z's hair. Therefore, in this post, I will list the goals I have set for the month of December which will be geared toward combating winter dryness and establishing a winter regimen for Z's hair.

My goals are to:
  1. Clarify Z's scalp by doing a mild Baking Soda rinse (a first for us) 
    • My Recipe: 1.5 Tablespoons of Baking Soda per cup of warm distilled water. Put in a squirt bottle, apply to scalp, lightly massage, and rinse THOROUGHLY.
    • I originally have been doing monthly Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses for some time now to "clarify" Z's hair and to eliminate the use of harsh shampoos on her hair since she suffers from dry, itchy scalp.
    • Lately, however, I read in some articles that ACV does not truly clarify the hair but is more effective at smoothing down raised cuticles at the end of a conditioning session to lock in moisture. Take a look at this article for more information.
    • I will report the results of the Baking Soda rinse in an upcoming post.
  2. Deep condition Z's hair bi-weekly using Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque and Coconut oil as described in this post.
    • I plan to do an overnight deep conditioning treatment following the Baking Soda rinse
    • Baking Soda is alkaline therefore causing the hair cuticles to raise along the shaft
    • Deep Conditioning the hair while the hair cuticles are raised should help increase moisture absorption inside the hair through the cuticles.
  3. Co-wash her hair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner following the deep conditioning
    • After rinsing the conditioner, I plan to do an ACV rinse (1 tablespoon to close the cuticles again before applying an leave-in conditioner to hair.
  4. Style her hair into 2 sets of protective styles lasting approximately 2 weeks each. 
    • My plan is to keep her hair up and off her back either in a cornrow bun style or updo to eliminate exposing her ends to coat collars and clothing which can strip her hair of moisture and lead to breakage.
  5. Use our homemade moisturizing spritz on her hair regularly to restore moisture as necessary.
  6. Implement the LOC method this month to see if it is effective in helping her hair retain moisture for a longer stretch of time compared to the LCO method I have been using.
Hopefully with these goals, I will have a good handle on what works best to maximize the moisture retention of Z's hair as well as solidifying an effective regimen for her hair this winter season.

What is your wintertime regimen for your child's natural hair?
How do you combat the harsh dry weather on the hair?

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