December Mid-Month Goal Update

Rope Twists in Pigtails

I cannot believe we are halfway through this month; 2013 is almost completed. I wanted to do an update to discuss where we stand so far in way of our monthly goal for December. I posted a post 2 weeks ago stating my goals for Z's hair this month and we are pretty much on par with her goals overall. Of course, some things are bound to change; I made the appropriate adjustments as needed. Here is a recap of our hair happenings so far:
  • I clarified Z's hair with 1 Tablespoon of Baking soda per cup (8 oz) water instead of the 1.5 Tablespoons originally planned. I was not sure how her scalp and hair would react to the rinse since this was our first time doing this type of rinse to cleanse her scalp and decided to do a much milder (more diluted) solution. So far, no issues. Her hair has retained moisture really well (no breakage or dryness), and I see no flakes on her scalp. In addition, there has not been any insane scratching/patting head sessions as of yet! 
  • I oiled the front half of her scalp (where the parting is exposed from her current rope twist/cornrow hairstyle) with coconut oil when I styled her hair a week ago to keep the scalp protected from the outside elements. Thankfully I have not had a need to re-oil the scalp since then.
  • I know I wanted to keep her hair in braided updo hairstyles for the month of December but realized that her scalp needed a break from so much braiding especially the back half of her head. Therefore, I decided to do a set of rope twists (for the first time!) in the back to relieve the stress and to change up her look. So far, so good with the rope twists. They really do hold up well! I will keep them in her hair for the entire week and hopefully have her wear a twist out on next Sunday on the two-week mark of her style. 
  • As far as her next style, I have not made a definite decision so far. I am thinking of doing cornrows up into 2 ponytails and maybe doing buns for the ponytails. I do not know. Just rambling. I have a week to peruse my Pinterest Board for some ideas!
  • I made a new batch of my homemade moisturizing spritz for the week using the same recipe posted in the link accept I added what was left of my bottle of Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir oil into the mix. My goal is to get rid of some products I do not have a desire to buy again to clear up some storage space. I am not a product junkie by any means, but I do like to use up what I have so bygones can be bygones. I finished off the Shea Moisture Thickening Growth Milk as well. Deuces! For now, I will be sticking with the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus line of products and Kinky-Curly for our hair.
    • Once I spritz her hair, I seal the moisture with a very thin layer of coconut oil particularly on her ends. I do not want to increase product buildup on her hair.
  • As far as my hair, I posted my confession of being lazy with my hair care lately. However, I am ready to get back on track to tending to my hair and proceed to growing it back out. No more drastic buzz cuts (so bittersweet)! I started last night by moisturizing my hair and doing an overnight baggy session. I think I am going to follow a similar schedule alongside with Z's since my hair is not that much of a maintenance ordeal right now. Nevertheless, I do know that whatever I decide to do, I must keep my hair moisturized way more than I have been doing lately. Time to stop being so lazy.
So that is pretty much it for our mid-month updates! Look forward to posting an end of the month assessment in a couple of weeks to wrap of this year and start the new year on a good foot and plan.

How are you or child doing so far this month as it relates to hair goals and progress?
Any struggles, setbacks? (It's okay!)

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