Don't Scratch, Pat: Dealing with Itchy Scalp


Dry itchy scalp is something we are battling with Z's hair since the weather has been cooler. For the past month, I have been oiling her scalp with coconut oil to see if it relieves some of the itchiness she has been experiencing. I cannot come to a definitive conclusion, but at the moment, the coconut oil "seems" to work for a little while before she reaches in to scratch the mess out of a nicely styled hairdo a couple days later. Sighs....all the time and hard work quickly results into little frizzies popping around the place.

Please do not misunderstand. I have taught Z that frizz comes into the territory of having natural hair. She does not make a big fuss now over the frizziness of her hair especially once we approach the two week mark of a style; nevertheless I want to continue to instill in her early that we embrace all aspects of healthy natural hair which includes frizz.

So back to the topic at hand. When I style Z's hair in a protective style lasting two weeks, I at least desire for her hair to look very fresh on Sunday (I usually style on Saturday) for Church and decent with a fair amount of normal frizzing by the time the following Sunday rolls by. Sometimes this is achieved and sometimes this is not. With natural hair, we just roll with the punches. However, when a style can last through two Sundays without me having to do any major modifications or redos, I am pretty content with how well a style holds up in her hair even through normal wear during the week.

With dealing with her dry itchy scalp issue, her hair tends to frizz faster if I:
  1. Do not address the trouble area as soon as possible by re-oiling and/or 
  2. Do not catch her before she digs through her style to alleviate the itchy sensation
What is her alternative if she cannot scratch her hair nor am I in a position to oil her scalp?

Patting. Yes, like what Beyonce tells the ladies in her song (my fave) "Get Bodied"....
"Pat your weaves ladies pat pat pat your weaves ladies."
No weaves here (well....just a wig for me at the moment) but the same concept. Patting has been our solution to helping Z cope with the itches without instantly frizzing up her hair. Hopefully my research will prove fruitful in finding effective ways to relieve her itchy scalp soon. Please share any tips you may have that has worked for you and/or your child's hair.

Scratching with the fingernail can cause damages to the scalp by creating sores if the area has been repeatedly scratched (keeping her nails short helps reduce the likelihood of this happening).

Is this method 100% frizz-proof? No.
Is this method 100% effective? No.
Does she implement this method 100% of the time? No.

We are probably around the 60% range at the moment. She has come a long ways in remembering to pat instead of scratch her hair and letting me know right away if her hair is itchy. Sometimes she start with the right intention of patting, which turns into rubbing, which ultimately lead into those fingers vigorously scratching through her hair to get to her scalp.

Always a work in progress...and nope, I do not care how silly it may look when she pats her head.

Pat. Pat. Pat Away. :-)

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