First Attempt: Rope Twists

After washing Z's hair earlier this week, I moisturized her hair using the LOC method. I used:
  • L=liquid: water
  • O=Coconut oil
  • C=Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • For extra measure, I applied a very thin layer of Castor oil
  • For hold, I used Aloe Vera gel
I initially wanted to do a braided updo on her hair but ultimately went for a rope twist hairstyle just to switch up her look and to give her scalp a break from braiding (particularly in the back).

I read the tutorial found on Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care blog to get a better understanding of the rope twist concept. It is very much different (in my opinion anyways) from the regular two-strand twist in that you take the two pieces of the twist, roll each piece clockwise to form two ropes, and then twist the ropes over each other in a COUNTERclockwise motion. 

At first, I found the motion of twisting in a counterclockwise fashion awkward against my usual grain of twisting clockwise when doing regular two strand twists. Nevertheless, I was able to get into a comfortable rhythm halfway into the style and must say I like how they turned out.

The rope twists are tighter than the regular two strand twists; therefore, the rope twists are not as full as regular two strand twists. I am hoping these will last longer and have less shrinkage over time because of the tightness of the twists. This style did take longer than when I install regular two strand twists, but hopefully the next time around, my style time will reduce.

I cornrowed the front in a sort of zigzag design that I saw in a pin on my Pinterest page. I oiled her parts with coconut oil and applied Aloe Vera Gel at the beginning of each row for extra hold. Her edges are a little fuzzy because I have no interested in applying extra tension in those areas right now. We embrace fuzzy edges and know that it is good to be gentle with them and allow them to rest. Z wanted a ponytail section so I added a diamond shaped part on top of her head and rope twisted the loose hairs. To add some color to her hair, I used several Bead Barrettes at the ends of the rope twists in her ponytail. That made all the difference in her eyes!

I plan to keep the rope twists in for about a week or week and a half. Hopefully I can get a good day of a rope twist out as well. We will see!

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