I Confess: I Have Been Lazy With My Natural Hair + New 2014 Growth Prediction

Natural Hair Confessions
Summer 2011 Throwback

Out of sight, out of mind can be both a good thing and a bad thing when it comes to taking care of natural hair. On one hand, having your hair in a protective style (braids, twists, updos, wigs, weaves) means less manipulation, less breakage, and more length retention. On the other hand (in my case), hiding your hair underneath a wig can lead to longer than normal stretches between moisturizing applications which can lead to more dryness, more breakage, and less length retention.

Right now, I am LOVING the fact that I can keep my hair underneath a wig without having to bother with it too much (granted I only have a 1.5-2 inches of hair at the present moment).  It is really convenient especially with so many transitions, events, and obligations I have had over the past 3 months not to mention our intense upcoming travel schedule for the holidays over the next 3 weeks. However, if I do not consciously remind myself that I need to spritz my hair every 2-3 days and seal with cream and oil, I can easily neglect moisturizing my hair for the entire week until it is time to co-wash my hair. And boy does my hair surely feels dry when I postpone the much needed moisture especially in this dry weather.

As I look back through old pictures when my hair was longer two years ago, I realize how much I miss having longer hair. Many people fail to realize that although having long natural hair is very versatile when it comes to styling (and is considered very attractive although IMO short natural hair rocks in so many ways), maintaining it takes time, patience, and dedication so that it remains healthy and strong. I can still easily remember how it took 1-2 hours to cleanse and detangle my mid-back length natural hair. I have to ask myself, I am ready for such a commitment? Is having longer hair something I am prepared to put on my plate along with properly maintaining my daughter's natural hair?

After weighing the pros and cons, in the end, deep inside, I believe I am ready to let go of the convenience of short low maintenance hair and challenge myself to commit more to improving my hair care (as well as my physical health and mental health). Being diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety really took my focus away from tending to my self-image; now I desire to be the best me God intended to me not just on the outside but on the inside also (because focusing on the outside only is vanity. I desire to be well-rounded and humble). 

Besides, my daughter desires to see my hair grow long with hers (and threatens more and more to take my wig off...lol) and although my husband "puts up with" my wig, he would love to see my hair to flow past my neck like when we first met. As for me, my hair does not define me at all, but it can be another venue where I can express my creativity, style, and confidence. 

Throughout the past three months since I have started this blog, I have learned so much about natural hair care and how to apply it to my daughter's hair, which is thriving so much better now. I believe it is time to apply the same principles to my own natural hair and get back on that grind. So here's to 2014, a year of better commitment to my overall well being from head to toe, inside and out...

...and to 6 more inches of new growth and retention! Claiming it! Let's go! 

P.S. I did not write this post to say I am ditching the wigs completely. In the past, my wigs have been an integral part of my length retention/protective styling success. Also, I battle with trichotillomania especially really I am under extreme stress and anxiety; thus wearing wigs is my coping method during these times. My purpose for this post is to state my vow to take better care of my hair as I grow it out whether it is covered underneath a wig or not. I am taking the plunge to sacrifice time and convenience to achieve greater goals, greater lengths (literally). :-) Here is the official start of my journey to longer and healthier natural hair.

P.S.S. This will be one of the few times I will post pictures of me wearing a grocery bag on my head...lol. Nevertheless, I am all about recycling; these bags make great caps for baggying hair overnight and deep conditioning. FYI.

What have you been slacking on as it relates to hair, fitness, health?
What do you desire to change for the upcoming year? Goals?

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