In the Beginning, I Struggled: My 2 Year Cornrowing Progression

June 2011. My first true attempt at cornrowing for a trip to the beach. #struggled

June 2011. Close up.
June 2011. My hand positioning was going every which way. Underhand, overhand, crazy hand. 

July 2011. Hair done by a friend.

July 2011. Tried again. Determined. Thought maybe I was on to something...

July 2011. Nope. I just could not figure it out. Took over a year long break from trying to cornrow.

November 2012. Magic happened. Seriously, I took my time and did what was comfortable for ME. I discovered my own rhythm and flow. Her first cornrow style I was satisfied with her wearing out in public.

February 2013. Started to get more comfortable and creative.

February 2013

March 2013

March 2013

April 2013. Practice makes better practice.

May 2013. Branching out into smaller braids. Getting the hang of the technique.

May 2013

November 2013. Moving into twists/cornrow combo updo styles.

November 2013. I am confident in my ability to do more intermediate styles.
The moral of this post: Don't give up. Even when your first set of cornrows look like a tornado hit it and you spent 3 hours doing 10 braids. It is okay. Take a break. Watch some (or a lot) of tutorial videos over and over again. Come back and try again. You will never know your capability if you stop at the initial results.

How long did it take you to figure out the cornrow technique?
What are some of your tips for others who are beginning to learn how to cornrow?

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