LOC'ed Up, Bunned Up, and Ready to Go!

Quick update on Z's Double Buns with Cornrows and Twists Hairstyle:
  • She was over the whole double buns on day 2; I combined the two buns into one at the middle of her head. She was a much happier camper.
  • Wearing hooded coats significantly increased the frizz factor of her style. I need to find hair friendly head coverings to keep her head warm while minimizing friction and frizz against her hair.
  • We are traveling up North today to bring in the New Year with family, and it is going to be coooooold compared to our visit down South this past week. Therefore, I moisturized Z's hair using the LOC method to help combat the effects of the cold weather against her hair especially her ends. I:
    • moisturized her hair with my homemade moisturizing spritz
    • applied coconut oil to her hair focusing on her ends
    • applied Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to her hair
    • applied a small amount of Castor Oil on her ends for extra protection
  • I bunned up her hair and tucked away her loose twists at the front of her hair to create a bang look while keeping her ends hidden.
  • I plan to do nothing much to her hair while we are on vacay except re-hydrate her hair if necessary using water and coconut oil. When we return this weekend, I may curl her loose twists with flexi rods for her to wear a curly twist out look for Church this Sunday. 
I totally adore this hairstyle on her and love the fact that all her hair is up instead of down and rubbing against her clothes and coats. I truly want to stay in line with the December goals I set for Z's hair and finish the month (and year) off strong.

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