My Co-wash Yesterday with Natural Gate's Herbal Conditioner


Last night, I co-washed my hair using some Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner I bought at Walmart a while ago because I was out of my staple conditioner, Giovanni Smooth as Silk, which I usually either order a mega gallon size online or trek out 25 minutes to Whole Foods to purchase. 

The reason I picked the Nature's Gate conditioner in the first place was because most of the conditioners on the shelves in Walmart (at the time) were full of ingredients that I prefer not to apply on my hair (cones, parabens, and sulfates). Also, the ingredients included a good blend of herbal oils and extracts that I thought would be good for my hair. The ingredients are listed in the link above (opens in a new window). 

My review of this product is that it is an okay but nothing spectacular. What is off putting to me is the fragrance: it is too strong. Ever since I had Z, my sense of smell remained rather sensitive to really pungent aromas (except garlic and cumin which I absolutely LOVE!).

The texture of the conditioner is a little too runny for my preference; I like heavier conditioners for my thick, wiry hair.  And why is it brown? I guess because of the compilation of herbs. Nevertheless, I am not too fond of crazy colored conditioners: I feel they should just be white, but that is just based on my preference and personal experience. There may be some excellent non-white conditioners out on the market that I just do not know about. I am not the informed product enthusiast. 

The bottom line is that my hair feels moisturized after co-washing with the Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner but does not provide as much slip as I get with the Smooth as Silk. I could add some olive or coconut oil to the conditioner to increase slip, but after I use the remainder of this conditioner, I highly doubt I will make another purchase in the future.  I will stick with my tried and true, super creamy Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner (and try my best to have it on hand so I do not make random impulse buys at my nearest Walmart).

Have you tried this product? Thoughts? Reviews?
What is your favorite co-washing product(s)?

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