One Head. Multiple Natural Hair Textures: A Visual Example

As you have seen in my last post, I do not have that much hair on my head, but I sure do have a large range of textures throughout my hair. From stray straight pieces to tight little o's scattered here and there, I am the true epitome that one texture does not fit all; instead I have multiple textures resting on this one head of mine!     
I know there is the Andre hair typing system, but I have not gone into a detailed discussion about it here on the blog. Nevertheless, many women like to classify their hair type based on the hair typing system so here is a chart I came up with of the different hair types:

To answer my own question, I mainly have 2a, 2b, 2c, 3b, 3c, and 4a types of hair on my head. I know as my hair grows out, the 2-3a textures on the top of my hair will start to flop down the sides instead of out like my daughter's hair is currently doing in an afro state. Her texture is more 4a, 4b, and 4c (like my husband) with a few strands of 2a throughout her head.

I took a few close ups the best that I could to show some of the different textures I have on my head especially in the front section:

A: Tighter Spiral (3c); B: Loose Spiral (3b); C: Loose S Curl (2b/c); D: Tighter Spirals (3c); E: Spirals (3c)
Regardless of all my textures, I prefer to go by the fact that my own set of hair has an unique plethora of textures that all mesh together to form its own personality and character. Hair type=Mine. :-)

Is your hair multi-textured?
How does it affect your washing, moisturizing, detangling, styling routine?
Do you go by a hair typing system? Why or why not?
Natural Hair Type Chart

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