Random Babbles #1

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This is sort of a test post because I needed to insert the above link in a post to claim my blog on this site called Bloglovin. Seriously, very random hence the post title. Then the brilliant idea came to create an ongoing series of Random Babbles just for me to get out some things that just do not have any legit place on the blog (hence the #1 marking the first set of babbles of many).

I might as well note that I have already scheduled several posts to be posted within the next week and a half. Go me! So if you notice I am wearing the same blue shirt I had on in this post from a few days ago in a post or two in the near future...em, yeah. I went ham on blogger because I will be traveling and cannot guarantee any focused blogging time while away. Had to get them done while I could.

So to emphasize: I do wear a different shirt (and clothes...lol) every day. :-)

I took the time to organize some of my digital files on Google drive especially all things related to my blog revamp. I am so proud of what I have learned in regard to HTML coding and CSS design (but do not go asking for my service yet ::smiles::). I am really enjoying my blog design although I have so much more to do (hence the links behind the Navigation/menu bar that direct you all to my "coming soon" page). More content is coming soon. Even Rome was not built in a day...as the saying goes.

Anyone who happens to be interested in the photo editing program I use for my blog: it is called PicMonkey and everything is done online. How nifty is that? No downloading of a bulky program. It is a great tool for beginners (like me!) to format pictures, create collages, and add wording to images. Try it out!

Ok. Dinner time is approaching. Most posts to come soon! Be blessed!

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