Rope Twist Out Results

Just a quick post about the results of Z's rope twist out. Let me state that I applied deep conditioner to her hair as a part of her wash day routine before unraveling the rope twists because I knew due to time restraints that she would not be able to wear the twist out out for the day. Therefore, her twist out came out really plump compared to doing the twist out on dry rope twists.

The rope twist out came out really cute and is a style I would definitely like to revisit in the future. One caveat in my case was that they were more difficult to unravel compared to regular two-strand twists. I am not sure why I had issues with little knots forming at the ends of the twists in which I had to carefully and sloooowly work out (so tedious!). I only used the scissors once for a very small yet stubborn knot. However, I incorporated my homemade moisturizing spritz in the take down effort which help a whole lot in reducing the occurrence of those stubborn knots. In addition, the spritz increased the plump factor of her twist out.

I say this was a short-lived success of a twist out! :-)

Side note: My husband and I have off black hair but our daughter's hair is very much so brown just like my brother and my husband's siblings. Genetics is something else!!! I love her natural hair color.

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