The Baggy Effect on Natural Hair

I cannot stress enough how important it is to up your moisturizing game in the cold and dry winter season (unless you are in Florida, of course). Due to my neglect especially recently  in not properly providing sufficient moisture to my hair, I know all to well how dry our natural hair can get even in a matter of days without replenishment. Therefore, it is critical to go ahead and start winterizing your moisturizing regimen now. 

Besides deep conditioning and co-washing more often and employing the LOC method, did you know you can create a greenhouse effect on your natural hair by using two simple products:
a moisturizer and a plastic cap (in my case, a grocery bag)?

Yes. This method is called baggying, and it is a great way to supply ample moisture to your hair especially if your hair is constantly exposed to the external winter elements (coldness, dryness, and wind).

The process is easy and can be done for 30 minutes or overnight based on what your hair likes. Simply spray/apply your moisturizing agent (can be a leave in, a homemade spritz, or distilled water) throughout the hair and cover with a plastic cap (or bag). That is it! I usually where a covering such as a bonnet over my bag overnight, but if I do not feel like looking crazy with just a bonnet on during the day, I will wrap a scarf over my bonnet to disclose it. Voila! I can go about my normally scheduled business.

After the baggy session, apply some oil and/or cream to the hair and style as desired. In the end, your hair should be soft and well moisturized. It is, however, very important to pay attention to your hair; it may be sensitive to such prolonged moisture which can lead to weaker hair and breakage. Therefore, listen to you hair always to avoid unnecessary damage.  If you see that your hair is really mushy, limp, and the hairs stretch a lot more than usual before returning to their original shape. these could be signs of moisture overload. Fortunately this can be balanced with a good protein conditioning if you ever find yourself in this predicament. 

My hair as far as I know is not moisture sensitive so I look forward to employing the baggy method more as a component of my moisturizing regimen.

How about you? Do you baggy?
What results have you noticed with this method? More length retention?
Had a bad experience with the baggy method? Please share!
What went wrong? How was the situation rectified?

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