Wash Day

With a much needed breather in my schedule, I was able to cleanse and condition Z's hair on Monday.

The last leg of Z's hairstyle. Pretty much a wrap! She has at least a quarter inch of growth gained since putting in this set of cornrows.

So here's the rundown of the process:

  • I pre-pooed her hair by adding coconut oil and a diluted formula of Shea Moisture Thickening and Growth Milk throughout her hair (focusing on the ends and edges) and covered her head with a plastic bag for about 20 minutes. I proceeded to take down her hairstyle after the 20 minutes were up.
  • Once I took out her hairstyle, I gathered her hair into a puff, which she saw in the mirror and wanted to wear it all day. We went out to run a few errands before coming back and proceeding with the rest of the cleansing process. Good thing it was rainy that day; the extra humidity kept Z's puff soft despite the cool temperature.
  • I was nervous about using the Baking soda rinse. I did not want it to be too harsh on her hair/scalp nor dry it out so I decided to use a milder solution of the baking soda rinse (1 tablespoon per cup). I applied the solution via a squirt bottle to focus more on her scalp. As I was massaging her hair, the baking soda felt like it melted through her hair. It was hard to gauge how well I was cleansing her scalp since there is no lather action whatsoever (My experience was a totally different story...I had lather!!! What's up with that? I digress). I did massage thoroughly throughout her scalp and rinsed the baking soda out.
  • I applied Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque throughout her scalp and hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • After rinsing the masque from her hair, I applied our staple Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner to her hair and detangled her hair thoroughly using my fingers first and then with a modified Denman brush to remove shed hair. I twisted each detangled section and rinsed through her hair once her entire hair was detangled.
  • I applied an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (1 tablespoon of vinegar per cup) to condition her hair and seal the cuticles. After allowing the rinse to sit in her hair, I rinsed thoroughly. The cleansing process was completed!

All that hair! Pre-cleanse.

The glorious puff.
The next post will be detailing the moisturizing and styling processes. Stay tuned!

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