Z's Last Style of 2013: Double Buns with Cornrows and Twists

Double Buns With Cornrows and Twists

Yesterday, I deep conditioned, co-washed, and threaded Z's hair to prep for today's style. Her hair was completely dry after a full day of air-drying and was nicely stretched after removing the threads from her hair:

Stretching Hair via African Threading

My inspiration for Z's last style of the year came from this pin on my Pinterest Board:

Of course, I wanted to add my twist to it by adding a front section of twists for the bang and creating doughnut buns on the sides.

Since her hair was well moisturized from yesterday, all I used today was a little bit of my homemade moisturizing spritz and aloe vera gel for hold:

It probably took about 5 hours to complete this style. I started braiding in between Church services so I was not able to complete the entire head before afternoon service. Fortunately she was content with my makeshift style to get her presentably through service with too much hurt, harm, FUSSINESS, or danger. I could not escape her silliness though:

When I got home, I finished up the front half of her head and here are the different angles of her completed style:

Double Buns With Cornrows and Twists

We will be traveling out of town over the next two weeks so this set of cornrows and twists are to last until we complete our holiday travels. 

How are you planning to wear your final hairstyle of 2013?

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