Z's Last Wash Day for 2013

Rope Twists

The final days of 2013 is winding down and I am so glad I have a better grip on Z's hair regimen now compared to the beginning of this year. The above picture is of her rope twists from yesterday, which, in my opinion, have held up pretty well since I first installed them almost two weeks ago. I decided to go ahead and wash Z's hair today so I can style her hair in a protective style on tomorrow since we will be traveling out of town on Monday (and who wants to do hair on vacay???)

I did take a few pictures of her rope twist out which I will show in the next post. Here is what I did to her hair today to prep for styling on tomorrow:

Wash Regimen

I used to be a fan of banding to stretch out her hair but now I am leaning more and more on the African Threading technique. The best part about using thread versus cloth bands to stretch her hair is that I do not have to keep up with a gazillion bands and the thread is very easy to remove.

African Threading on Natural Hair

Here is the completed look which she will wear to Church tomorrow. I will attach Bead Barrettes to the ends of her hair to keep the ends protected from her clothes. It only took me 1 hour to thread her hair.

African Threaded Hair

I still have not figured out a hairstyle yet (ugh!) but I am sure something will manifest tomorrow afternoon/evening. Of course I will update!

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