Deal Alert on Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

For my daughter and me, coconut oil is one of our staple products not only for our hair but our skin as well. Coconut oil has so many benefits as listed in the previous post that it is no doubt (for us) far superior over other oils for our hair and skin needs.

Since we (including my husband) use so much of this oil, restocking can be quite pricey for the budget savvy shopper (me). I ordered 5 jars (yes FIVE) earlier this year from for a great deal in addition to using some gift certificates I had available at the time. I believe I was able to come out to about $5 per 15 oz jar of Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Now that we are on our very last jar ::insert sad face::, I knew I had to start looking up some places to order some more coconut oil at decent prices. I looked on and found the cheapest offer for a 15 oz jar at $7.16 ($6.80 Subscribe & Save customers). Not terribly bad I guess, but I really do not like having to buy enough jars to qualify for free shipping on Amazon.

Then the most amazing thing happened last week (ok, maybe not that dramatic). I was browsing through the local Trader Joe's and came across this 16 oz glass jar of Organic Virgin (yes certified) Coconut for $5.99.

::Insert Happy Dance::

Ok, so not as great of a deal compared to when I purchased it from but definitely a bargain considering that I do not have to order it online in bulk nor wait several days for it to ship to my home. And for over a $1 worth of savings per jar compared to the Nutiva brand on Amazon, I was elated to purchase two jars of the Trader Joe's brand on the spot and drive back home with my favorite oil on hand. 

I am one happy gal!

I have not opened the jar yet to do a comparison but believe me, it will be opened soon. Hopefully the Trader Joe's brand will be everything I expect out of my coconut oil; I feel it is pretty hard to go wrong when it comes to this awesome oil.

Hope this excites someone else as much as it was for me! Share the wealth and save a few bucks. :-)

Have you tried Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil?

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