Ghana Plaits in a Bun with Side Fringe Hairstyle

The last time I have actually styled with Ghana plaits was back in October as shown in these two posts (First Ghana plait style attempt / Ghana plait piggyback style). Ever since then, African threading has been my choice when it comes to stretching Z's hair before styling into a protective style such as cornrows.

Today, I wanted to revisit African threading/Ghana plaits to style Z's hair in such a way where I did not have to focus on neat parting and designs (hence why I love scalloped parting) but could still put her hair up in a bun.

Z's hair was well moisturized from deep conditioning her hair yesterday. For some time, I have been using the LOC method to help her hair maintain moisture between styles. However, today, I decided to go back and use my trusty modified version of a leave-in conditioner concoction created a few years back by YouTuber, Kimmaytube. This mixture contains my favorite leave-in, Kinky-Curly Knot Today, along with Aloe Vera Juice and Jojoba Oil. I wanted to keep things light since I do not plan on having this style in Z's hair for more than a week (but who knows). The application of this leave-in mix was beautiful--it instantly smoothed out Z's hair and made it easy to part and lightly finger comb through after air drying overnight. This stuff is so predictable in a great way!

To fall in line with our January goals, I wanted to keep her ends protected and particularly off her coats and clothing.  Therefore it was important for me to style her hair in a way that majority of it fits into a bun. After I threaded her entire head, I kept a few plaits out for a side fringe and gathered the rest of her plaits into a ponytail using a cloth elastic band (dipped in oil). I did not snip off any of the threads because I wanted to use them to wrap her plaits in a bun and secure it without using any pins in her hair. 

To accessorize her hair (and to protect the exposed ends of the remaining plaits), I added some Bead Barrettes to the ends after snipping away the excess threads. Instantly, the style was Z approved. :-)

It is amazing how fast Z's hair has grown since her trim/cut back in September (some areas I trimmed about .5 inches whereas other areas I trimmed about 3 inches in order to even things out and have a strong start to her healthy hair journey). Her left side and front areas are about 6.7-7 inches long (eyeballing) whereas the rest of her hair looks to be anywhere between 8-10 inches long. Shrinkage is something else!

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