I am Not the One to Post About Celebrities (and Their Kids) But OMG: Blue Ivy's Hair

It is disturbing to me the type of comments I have read following a post on a blog I frequent about Beyonce's and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy and her "susposedly" unkempt hair in the above photo. Upon doing a further search to find a photo on Google Image Search (which further drives the point), I came across so many other articles with more negative comments such as:
"Have they ever heard of a comb and moisturizer?"
"Beyonce can afford top dollar weaves but not invest in her daughter's hair."
"That hair is a hot dry mess."
"Her parents should be a shame of themselves for letting Blue Ivy out in public looking like this."
"Beyonce is so lazy."
Is this the type of thoughts that run through some other women's heads when they see Z playing outside in all her frizzy glory smiling, laughing, and being a typical preschooler? Not that any of those thoughts would deter me because I know how I handle her hair and I have realistic expectations when it comes to natural hair period at her age. But still. Blue Ivy is only two and this picture is only one snapshot out of the many that are continuously being played out second by second. 
Scanning through some of the comments harshly criticizing the state of Blue Ivy's hair on her second birthday, I had several thoughts going on in my mind:
  1. "What in the world??? This is a child like many other natural hair children out there."
  2. "Her hair is just fine for a two year. Period. What is the big deal?" 
  3. "So what if Beyonce did not put a comb and oil to her hair. This does not sum up the outcome of Blue's natural hair care and its health or even Beyonce's capability to properly care for her daughter's hair."
  4. "Geesh! It took me years before figuring a lot out about my hair and my daughter's."
But of course, according to the First Amendment, we all are entitled to our own opinions (and obviously opinions to other people's opinions...lol). I just could not help to notice however how warped our thinking can get over such small matters (similar to the hair controversy over Gabby Douglas' hair when she JUST won two Olympic gold medals! smh) while at the same time missing on the greater points of life.

It is often perplexing how others can judge someone else's hair let alone a two year old child as if they have always keep their (and/or their child(ren)) hair sleek, shiny, moisturized, "did" up, and etc especially without knowing (or even considering) the other side of the story. First off, what if Beyonce did moisturize her daughter's hair: not all natural hair types result in a shiny appearance even after adequate moisturizing and that is perfectly fine. Secondly, not all parents choose to use gel on their child's edges to keep them down or create curls neither do they desire to combat friz by redoing a hairstyle everyday (and that is fine too if that's their preference). I feel that we should be respectful toward each other as it regards to our hair care and our children's. 
My daughter's hair may go a few days before the frizz factor kicks in, but at the end of the day, that is what natural hair naturally does. It curls its own way, it flies its own way, it lays it own way. It is amazing that at the two (or even three) week mark of a protective style, Z would still receive compliments of how nice her hair is from people inside and outside our race. It makes her feel good which makes me feel good because it is my desire to instill inside her that she is beautiful regardless of what her hair may look like on any particular day. Many of us know how unpredictable our hair can be even when we had the best intentions or even when mother nature (wind and rain) decides for our hair to be big and poofy for the day.
But given that Beyonce is Beyonce and the naysayers will continue to nay, you just have to push aside the negative comments and just enjoy life. I believe Blue Ivy's hair looks perfectly acceptable and adorable and well into reason for a two year girl.
Quite frankly, I actually like Z's hairstyles as it has "aged" some with a little frizz. It fits her overall personality of being active and a little rugged around the edges (she's tough) while promoting a relaxed and easy-going look instead of always being concerned whether or not a tumble on the floor displaced a curl or created extra fly-a-ways. My four year old does not have time for that. :-)

So, as far as Blue Ivy's hair care goes...Bow down people. 

Ok, just joking (I thought it was funny in my head). 

What's your perspective about the situation?

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