Keeping it Simple: Styling Yarn Wraps

Beautifully Curled: Styling Yarn Wraps

My husband teased me the other day saying "You said you always wanted locs when you turned 30 and now you have them." Although I love my yarn wraps the more they "age" and can totally see myself growing locs ONE day, I am glad these are removable. I am definitely not ready for a permanent change to my hair at this stage in my life. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with faking it and enjoying every minute of it. Oh, the vanities of life!

Let me take a moment to be honest. I have not been doing anything extravagant to my hair in terms of styling. All I truly want to do is wear high buns most 85 percent of the time. Yes, really. I told my husband why it did not click in my head to wear high buns when I had mid-back length natural hair years back but I guess they were not as popular back then...I do not know. What I do know is that I am loving them so much except when my bun hits the roof of the car as I get in and out...grrr. I digress.

I have played around with a few simple and quick styles and recreated them below:
Beautifully Curled: Styling Options with Yarn Wraps

My trusty look so far:

Beautifully Curled: The Basic High Bun using Yarn Wraps

And for a little extra flare, I like to add a Pompadour to my bun style:

Beautifully Curled: Simple Bun and Pompadour Style

I also switch up the regular bun into a donut bun from time to time and truly appreciate the fact that no hair pins are needed to secure the bun into place. :-)

Although I have not been wearing the wraps entirely down as much, I am glad I parted the front of my head in a manner where I have the option of wearing the wraps down in different positions:

Beautifully Curled: Parting Options with Yarn Wraps

Overall, I like the simplicity these yarn wraps have brought so far. I will probably play with a few new styles as time goes on, but I certainly do not plan to be in the mirror for over 15 minutes styling my wraps. I am all for up and go styles especially now I have started to consistently workout (okay, has only been two days of working out but at least it is a start!). :-)

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