The Three Day Twist Out

This week has been a very easy week for Z's hair. Last week (after completing my yarn wrap endeavor), I decided I did not want to be bogged down in doing another time consuming hairstyle so I simply twisted Z's hair (no pictures, sorry). Monday, I unraveled her twists so she could wear a twist out for a few days. Here is a comparison demonstrating how a twist out can easily revitalize a hairstyle:

In regards to maintenance, I lightly spritz her hair at night and put her bonnet on for bedtime. In the mornings, I fluff up her hair in the areas that were flatten overnight from sleeping.  Here is a side by side comparison of how her hair "expanded" between the first and third days of wearing her twist out:

Even at day three, her hair still has pretty good definition. I love this style on her and cannot wait til the weather gets warmer so she can wear this style more. From looking at her hair, her ends are in great shape from protective styling and moisturizing her hair consistently since her trim last September. Tomorrow, I plan to pre-poo (with Coconut Oil), cleanse, deep condition, and stretch Z's hair (via African threading). I have not decided how I will style her hair although I am toying with the idea of finishing up January with Ghana plaits

Will update soon. :-) 

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