Wash Day

Last night:
  • Cleansed scalp with baking soda rinse (1 tablespoon per 8 ounce)
    • Definitely experienced lots of lather as time passed when I massaged my scalp
      • This could be triggered by something acidic on my hair/scalp
        • Sebum: Natural oils produced from scalp which is slightly acidic
        • Hair products: Aloe Vera Juice is acidic
    • Initially made my hair feel smooth but then my ends started to tangle
      • This could be triggered by the fact the pH of baking soda causes the cuticles to lift
    • Hair felt "stripped" once the baking soda was rinsed out
      • Maybe be a reason contributing to the baking soda's clarifying property
    • Scalp had no residue
  • Deep Conditioned with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Purification Masque
    • Immediately my hair felt smooth and soft again
    • Applied Coconut Oil on top of Masque
    • Covered hair with plastic bag and deep conditioned overnight
      • Side note: I have read an article on CurlyNikki.com from a guest blogger stating that overnight deep conditioning maybe be an overkill because the hair can only absorb but so much. Hmmm, may be some truth to this theory. Nevertheless, I had no desire to wait an extra 30 minutes to rinse out the conditioner. I called it a night.
  • Rinsed deep conditioner from hair
  • Conditioned hair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner
  • Rinsed hair with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (1 tablespoon per 8 ounce)
    • Did not rinse out the ACV (smell disappears as hair dries)
  • Applied Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothing (LOC Method)
  • All set to start the installation process for the yarn loc/wraps

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