Wash Day

After a few days of loose hair in a twist out and finding specks of lint (and FOOD articles, smh) in Z's hair, it was definitely time for a good cleansing.

Target had a buy one get one half off deal on the Shea Moisture products this week so I decided I wanted to try on Z's hair the African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo to go with the Purification Masque (the deep conditioner from the same African Black Soap line that I recently ran out of). The African Black Soap line targets dry, itchy scalp and related issues and contains tea tree oil (which is known its antifungal/antibacterial properties to help remedy scalp conditions and buildup).

Here is what I did today:
  • Pre-pooed with Coconut oil (Note to self: Use a little more oil on the sections)
    • Lightly finger detangled into several sections and applied oil on dry hair
    • Covered hair in plastic bag for 30 minutes
  • Cleansed hair with African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo
    • Diluted 1 tablespoon (approximately) into 8 oz of warm water in a nozzle bottle to apply on Z's scalp
    • Massaged diluted mixture into scalp
      • It has been so long since I had to lather any shampoo in Z's hair it seems. Initially, there was little lather but once I added more water to her hair, the shampoo had a nice amount of lather.
    • Honestly, as I worked the shampoo in to her hair following massaging her scalp, her hair felt slightly stripped of moisture and matted
      • Could be the nature of the shampoo
      • Could be the nature of the hair cuticles raising slightly from the shampoo 
      • Could be because her hair has been loose for several days
      • Could be the fact I did not use as much coconut oil in her hair from the pre-poo
      • I had to be extra gentle not to tug too hard through her tangles during this step
    • Rinsed shampoo from hair under warm water
  • Deep conditioned hair with Purification Masque
    • Removed excess water from hair using a white t-shirt
    • Generously applied Masque to hair, focusing on the ends
    • Applied a generous layer of coconut oil
    • Put her hair into bantu knots
    • Covered hair with a plastic bag and two knitted hats for 30 minutes
      • With her running around, her hair was nice and warm by the time I removed the hats and bag from her hair
    • Rinsed hair thoroughly with warm water
      • Hair was very soft
      • Was able to detangle her hair easily than before
  • Conditioned hair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk
    • Applied to each section of hair 
    • Used my fingers and modified Denman brush to remove tangles (from tip to root) and shed hairs from her head
    • Her hair was literally like butter at this step
    • Rinsed hair thoroughly with warm water
Her hair felt so plump and moisturized after the entire process was completed. I have started on part of her hair this evening and will finish up her style tomorrow. 

I am going to try the Deep Cleansing Shampoo again on Z's next wash day to see if I feel any difference with her hair after adopting some of the notes I posted within the text above. Nevertheless, her hair feels wonderful and smell wonderful as well. There is truly nothing like a clean and well moisturized head of hair! :-)

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