Why Coconut Oil Triumphs Other Oils When It Comes To Our Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Oils are essential in any natural hair regimen due to their sealant properties of locking moisturize inside the hair thus reducing dryness and breakage (aka increasing length retention).

With so many different kinds of oils out there, simply using one or two or a mix is a matter of preference and what one's hair likes. This is the blessing of having unique and versatile hair (or a possible curse to the product junkie out there...j/k).

For our household, there is no doubt that coconut oil is our favorite oil. It holds so many amazing benefits that it can truly be classified as our power oil since we utilize it quite often for our skin, our hair, as a deodorizer, and in our foods; we have not been disappointed yet. In this post, I will list some of the qualities I have researched about this super oil that I have personally experienced as true on just our hair alone:
  1. Coconut Oil, when used as a pre-poo, reduces swelling during washing (over swelling of the hair can weaken the hair and lead to breakage). Since using coconut oil as a part of our newly established pre-poo routine, Z's hair does not feel as limp as it used to prior to not pre-pooing at all, which is important because her hair is already quite fine in texture.
  2. Coconut Oil is a great hair conditioner; it enhances the shine of the hair's surface and increases its softness and pliability. I can definitely vouch for the shine with it comes to using it on my hair.
  3. Coconut Oil provides essential proteins necessary to reduce protein loss and replenish damaged hair (also great for chemically relaxed and high porosity hair). Note: If your hair is protein-sensitive, coconut oil might not be the best option for your hair type and can actually harden the hair texture.
  4. Coconut Oil can easily penetrate the hair shaft due to the low molecular structure of the oil and serves as an effective sealant. The lightness of the oil is another reason that it is a great candidate on my daughter's fine hair texture without weighing it down and making her hair really greasy with buildup when using the LOC method.
  5. Coconut Oil is anti-fungal: massaging/oiling the scalp with coconut oil can help alleviate a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp. In this month alone, I have seen a reduction in the amount of dandruff present on my daughter's scalp after oiling it thoroughly during her styling sessions.

Here are the sources I used to obtain information about the benefits of coconut oil:

Let me not get started on how great coconut oil smells or how silky it makes the skin post shower or how yummy my eggs are when cooked with the oil. Another post for another day perhaps!

Is coconut oil a staple in your product stash?
What is your favorite quality about coconut oil?
How do you primarily use this oil?

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