Twisted Bun Cornrow Updo

I love Pinterest when it comes to finding inspiration for Z's next hairstyle. With over 600 pins on my Natural Hairstyles for Children Board, I am bound to find something interesting to recreate on her hair, right? I have several hairstyles I want to try already but I knew for the longest that I wanted to try out the following style on Z:

With over 45 repins and 15 "likes", I figured there is indeed an uniqueness to this hairstyle that others definitely agree with me on.

Here is my remake of the hairstyle:

This was my first time doing crossing cornrows. They were tricky to maneuver from one section to the other but I made it work and am well pleased with how they turned out. This style took me about 4 hours to complete and I am planning to keep this style in her hair for the usual two weeks. Z was ecstatic when she saw the final product especially after having her hair threaded in a simple style for a week. I will definitely put this style in my arsenal of hairstyles to redo on Z's hair because I love the different directions of the sections. Next time, I will do three cornrows going across the back instead of four. Either way, I am so glad I stumbled on this unique hairstyle.

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