Twisted Mohawk and Cornrows

This was definitely a very fun hairstyle done on Z's hair. Her recent trim really makes the twists look plump and full. She enjoys this hairstyle and is one I will surely repeat in the future has her hair grows longer.

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Trim Update: June 2014

Z's last trim was almost 9 months ago so there has been some accumulation of fairy knots in her hair. I decided to go ahead and give her a nice trim for the summer. I trimmed between .5-.75 inches of hair from each twists...nothing too major compared to her trim (cut!) this past September. I clipped her hair dry to get a better visual on the thinner sections throughout her hair as opposed to damp hair which generally masks thin areas due to shrinkage.

Hopefully the next trim will be no sooner than 6 months from now.
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Side Cornrow Hairstyle

When I cornrow Z's hair, I do not typically braid each section all the way to the end because removing them can be tedious. Nevertheless, I do not mind an occasional cornrow style completely braided because it does present an opportunity to show off some length. 

We both give this style a thumbs extra thumb up from her because of the bead barrettes. :-)

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