Yarn Wrap Installment on Daughter's Natural Hair

I wanted to keep Z's hair in low maintenance as we enjoy the rest of the summer before she finally starts Kindergarten this fall. I toyed around the idea of putting yarn wraps in her hair especially since I enjoyed them so much in my hair and had really great results. My main reservation was the concept of putting extensions in her hair at a young age, but I am so glad I decided to follow through with them in her hair. 

In constrast to the day long venture of self-installing my yarn wraps twice earlier this year, it only took me seven hours to install 50 wraps in Z's hair over the course of two days. I pretty much followed the same method I used for my wraps on her hair. I cleansed and deep conditioned her hair prior to installation and worked with damp, moisturized hair using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

I did not want the wraps to be really long but long enough to put into a high bun (which is the planned hairstyle for the majority of time the wraps will be in her hair). I wrapped each section between 1-2 inches past her actual hair length.

I went through the bottom half of her head in one afternoon and the top half the next day. I had the bright revelation on day number 2 that I did not need to braid the yarn so far down her hair since her hair is fairly long (compared to my short hair length at the time of my installment). I braided the yarn about 2-3 inches from her root before beginning the wrapping process. This saved me so much time! I knotted and burned the ends to complete the set.

Here's the finished look:

I plan on keeping this set in for at most a month to get through July (and the beach) before taking them down. Z is very pleased with her new look!

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