Adding a Touch of Color to Yarn Wraps

It has been almost 2 weeks and this second installment of yarn wraps still has a lot of life left! They are looking more like actual locs as the days go by. She has been wearing either a high bun or a ponytail since the wraps were installed so I decided to switch up her look and add in some colors.

I pretty much just cornrowed her wraps on each side of her head and connected them into one section using different colored elastic bands. This is such as easy and quick way to break the monotonous black look of the yarn. I love how her parts are still pretty will defined.

She has been enjoying this style so far and will probably wear it out for the week. She has her Kindergarten screening next week. Eeeek! The summer is dwindling fast especially as we hustle and bustle through school shopping and reorganization around the home. Enjoying each and every fleeting moment... :-)

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