Yarn Wrap Installment #2 on Daughter's Natural Hair

I am so hooked on the ease and low maintenance of Z's first set of yarn wraps that I decided to do another set to carry us through the remainder of summer. I followed the same steps I did on the last set of wraps except I made the yarn pieces longer to accommodate her extra growth/length. In addition, I wanted a fuller high bun that would not come easily unraveled during playtime like it did on her last set and figured longer wraps was the key solving that issue.

I cleansed and deep conditioned her hair and immediately got down to business. Her strinkage is AMAZING! Her hair is in great condition especially since it was so well protected from the first set of wraps. I wanted to do her wraps just a tiny bit smaller this time around (which amounted to 10 extra wraps totaling to 60 wraps in this set). I also made sure I extended the wrap length at least 3 inches past her natural hair length so I can seal the ends of the wraps really well with the lighter.  Here is a picture tutorial on how I installed each wrap and a FAQ/Tip post I wrote if interested.

I had already planned for a two day hair affair. Four hours later on day 1...

The next morning I knocked out the top half of her head in 4 hours, and I could not be happier to be DONE. She was a good sport as usual during the installation. Here is how this set turned out:

They fit her so well. The next hairstyle to follow is her first day of Big Kid school. So bittersweet. She is growing up too fast...(and will always be my baby). ;-)

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