Simple Twists on Damp Hair (September 2014 Edition)

Seems like forever since Z had a set of simple two stand twists in her hair because of the back to back yarn wrap installs. It was a nice change to just mindlessly twist her hair while splurging on a little tv. Her twists have really filled in compared to a twist set from two years ago. Slow and steady is the goal. And of course...maximum retention. :-)

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Loose Natural Hair Post Style Removal

I removed Z's previous hairstyle in prep for styling her hair tomorrow in twists but could not help to be amazed at how much hair she has. It is so soft, cottony, and stretchy very much like her dad's hair texture (when he had longer hair ages ago it seems). I always enjoy twisting her hair because the twists hold really well due to her tighter coils. I am particularly excited because I have not twisted her hair in months literally (because of the yarn wraps) so this will be her first twist set for the school year. I will post the twist results tomorrow!

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First Mini Twists Attempt this Year

After dabbing in some regular twists a few weeks ago, I wanted to see how my hair would look with mini twists at this length. I loved the results although they took almost 3.5 hours to complete! I must be a very slow twister. Geesh. But just for kicks, the last time I wore mini twists were back in 2011:

And this set took 5.5 hours. SMH. 

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Cornrows and Two Buns Hairstyle

Z completed her first full week of Kindergarten and loves it! The transition has been pretty smooth so far. After wearing her hair banded the past week, I wanted to go ahead and style her hair into somthing a little spunky as this is how she has been feeling lately. I did not really have a particular style in mind so I kind of freestyle this one into two twisted buns.

Her hair was nicely stretched and moisturized from the banding technique.

Here's the final result:

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