We are Live on Facebook!

Finally, I created a Facebook page (click this link to visit) for us and others to have a safe and fun environment to share all things related to our natural hair journeys (hairstyles, hair tips, struggles/triumphs, reviews, discussions, questions, and concerns). This is quite new to me, but I am sure I will catch on and hopefully you will join in to help create a positive community for us whose desire is to instill that each of us (regardless of curly type, length, color, thickness or whatever) have been given Beautifully Curled hair to:

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A Quick Stop On Memory Lane: The Hair Edition

I logged into my Twitter account the first time in forever and noticed this was the last picture I posted on my account from back October 2011 (yes...3 years ago!). She was 2 at this time.

We just got finished with a photo shoot and went to the farmers market for some sweet potatoes (and apple sampling). I styled Z's hair in a twist out for the session and added a handmade hair bow (by moi) to accessorize her look. I loved how easy going this look was on Z because that represented exactly who she was (and still is)...free-spirited. I barely had any solid/consistent hair care regimen in place except for her wearing her bonnet at night. Oh how we have come a long way in this process!

Now we are here and flourishing...

Here's to another 3 years of growth and retention through TLC. :-)

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Cornrow Hairstyle with a Donut Bun and Twisted Side Bangs #naturalhairkids


And my friends, this is why natural hair care is a process...an ongoing journey of triumphs and challenges because today, my cornrowing technique was quite off. For whatever reason, each row did not come out as crisp as I would have liked (aka the rows were frizzier than normal). I guess I just was not feeling the session today. Z caught some stomach bug yesterday while at school so she was quite sluggish today. She wanted to lay down all day and watch movies, which would have been great on a non styling day because I was feeling the exact same way. But as usual, she chucked it up for a few hours of styling (which included time blown from me being soooo indecisive on how I should style her hair).

Initially, I was set on this style I pinned on Pinterest...

cornrows and two buns...love this hairstyle! well done. :0)

...BUT with larger parts and a few modifications! However, once I got started with the back bun section, I just could not get the parting together. I believed I struggled terribly because I was trying to do the parting/sectioning exactly how I saw it in the picture instead of just adapting the style to fit Z's head. 

With my parting dilemna and the extra frizziness of the sections due to my braiding technique, I decided to scrap the Pinterest style and just twist the top section instead of creating another bun. We both were so done with today's session although we did enjoy watching both the 1982 and 1999 versions of Annie (per her request...oh what she learns from her friends at school).

Here are a couple more angles of her style:

It took me 5 hours to finish her hair and although it was not styled as originally planned, I still like the result of her hair. :-)

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Z's Length Check

One day, I will be more consistent with how I do length checks. :-)  In the meanwhile, here's Z's progress currently (post banded/stretched hair).

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Length Check: 10 Months Later

It has been a little over 10 months since I did my last length check. I guess I could say I am amazed how much my hair has grown over the year, but I pretty much know my hair growth rate (the average 6 inches/year). On top of that, I have been protective styling for the good portion of the year so my ends have hardly endured any wear and tear from outside exposure and styling manipulation. Here is where I started last December and my prediction back then:  

Comparing the very top picture with the second set, I am well on track to my goal of 6 inches of growth/retention by December (with about another inch to go). I will do comparision pictures at that time. Until then...

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Banded Bun with Twisted Side Bang

I love this style. It is easy. It is protective. It is low maintenance.

Banding is my other no heat hair stretching method beside African threading that enables me to put her hair up into a simple bun for several days if I do not intend to cornrow her hair right away. Gotta love dual purpose. :-)

  • Deep conditioned hair with previous style in (so I can better access her scalp)
  • Cowashed hair (products listed here)
  • Took down hair style
  • Spritzed her hair with distilled water
  • Moisturized each section with leave-in conditioner
  • Banded her hair from the bottom up
  • Twisted the front section for a side bang
  • Put banded sections in a bun

The plan is to keep these in until this weekend when I have time to really sit down and style her hair. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I will be back to doing more updos and buns to keep those ends protected. I already have yarn wraps planned for December (::happyface::). Just got to remain dilligent until then...

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Revamping Week Old Style: Flexi-Rod Mohawk

Flexi-Rods can transform an old frizzy style into something newer again. I styled Z's hair last week for Picture Day at her school and then into a Tuck and Pin style for a couple of days. After that, we were pretty much freestyling with her hair. Nevertheless, her twists hav started to look dull, fuzzy, and somewhat lifeless (nothing unexpected really). Last night right before bed, I moisturized her hair with distilled water and some leave-in conditioner (focusing on her ends) and added about 20 flexi-rods to her hair. I covered her hair with her bonnet, and the style set overnight. This morning, she had bouncy, springy curls. 

Now the weather IS rainy/wet/drizzly today so it will be interesting to see how this style pans out by the end of the day. Regardless, we are trying to hang on to this style til Friday when I get to wash and restyle her hair.

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Quick Hair Update: Tuck and Pin Style

I can only handle but so much of hair flying everywhere while she plays, skips, wallow on the couch, and etc. It was time to tuck those ends in to give me a peace of mind and her ends a break from such torture after only one day...lol. What can I say? She plays hard! :-P

I applied some Shea Moisture Curl Milk to her hair, cornrowed the back mohawk section (tucking the braided end under itself), and pinned the side bangs up and out of her face. She immediately told me she loved her hairstyle and could not wait to wear it out the next day. I am giving this style until next Friday before I switch it to something new. I might play around with some flexi rods and a twist out before then. 

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Cornrows and Twists on Dry Hair

My oh my. The effects of poor hair planning and a busy schedule. Today was picture day at school and instead of obliging to Z's request to just wear her 3 day old threaded hairstyle for her pictures (which was intended for stretching purposes only), I opted to do a cornrow mohawk hairstyle with a side bang of twists. The style was fairly simple but it took 3 hours to do because I am still a slow braider. Poor Z was so tired (and with good reason around 9:15 at night). This is precisely why I rarely ever do hair during the week. It just throws a wrench in the usual nightly routine. Nevertheless, her hair was styled and she was pleased with the length (I hardly twist on dry hair). I did not get many pictures due to the fact that she was tired last night and we were off on a rush this morning. She managed so smile through a couple of pictures with her sleepy eyes...

I really like this style and would definitely like to repeat ON the weekend next time. :-)Hope her pictures turn out well!
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