A Quick Stop On Memory Lane: The Hair Edition

I logged into my Twitter account the first time in forever and noticed this was the last picture I posted on my account from back October 2011 (yes...3 years ago!). She was 2 at this time.

We just got finished with a photo shoot and went to the farmers market for some sweet potatoes (and apple sampling). I styled Z's hair in a twist out for the session and added a handmade hair bow (by moi) to accessorize her look. I loved how easy going this look was on Z because that represented exactly who she was (and still is)...free-spirited. I barely had any solid/consistent hair care regimen in place except for her wearing her bonnet at night. Oh how we have come a long way in this process!

Now we are here and flourishing...

Here's to another 3 years of growth and retention through TLC. :-)

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