Banded Bun with Twisted Side Bang

I love this style. It is easy. It is protective. It is low maintenance.

Banding is my other no heat hair stretching method beside African threading that enables me to put her hair up into a simple bun for several days if I do not intend to cornrow her hair right away. Gotta love dual purpose. :-)

  • Deep conditioned hair with previous style in (so I can better access her scalp)
  • Cowashed hair (products listed here)
  • Took down hair style
  • Spritzed her hair with distilled water
  • Moisturized each section with leave-in conditioner
  • Banded her hair from the bottom up
  • Twisted the front section for a side bang
  • Put banded sections in a bun

The plan is to keep these in until this weekend when I have time to really sit down and style her hair. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I will be back to doing more updos and buns to keep those ends protected. I already have yarn wraps planned for December (::happyface::). Just got to remain dilligent until then...

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