Cornrow Hairstyle with a Donut Bun and Twisted Side Bangs #naturalhairkids


And my friends, this is why natural hair care is a ongoing journey of triumphs and challenges because today, my cornrowing technique was quite off. For whatever reason, each row did not come out as crisp as I would have liked (aka the rows were frizzier than normal). I guess I just was not feeling the session today. Z caught some stomach bug yesterday while at school so she was quite sluggish today. She wanted to lay down all day and watch movies, which would have been great on a non styling day because I was feeling the exact same way. But as usual, she chucked it up for a few hours of styling (which included time blown from me being soooo indecisive on how I should style her hair).

Initially, I was set on this style I pinned on Pinterest...

cornrows and two this hairstyle! well done. :0)

...BUT with larger parts and a few modifications! However, once I got started with the back bun section, I just could not get the parting together. I believed I struggled terribly because I was trying to do the parting/sectioning exactly how I saw it in the picture instead of just adapting the style to fit Z's head. 

With my parting dilemna and the extra frizziness of the sections due to my braiding technique, I decided to scrap the Pinterest style and just twist the top section instead of creating another bun. We both were so done with today's session although we did enjoy watching both the 1982 and 1999 versions of Annie (per her request...oh what she learns from her friends at school).

Here are a couple more angles of her style:

It took me 5 hours to finish her hair and although it was not styled as originally planned, I still like the result of her hair. :-)

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