Revamping Week Old Style: Flexi-Rod Mohawk

Flexi-Rods can transform an old frizzy style into something newer again. I styled Z's hair last week for Picture Day at her school and then into a Tuck and Pin style for a couple of days. After that, we were pretty much freestyling with her hair. Nevertheless, her twists hav started to look dull, fuzzy, and somewhat lifeless (nothing unexpected really). Last night right before bed, I moisturized her hair with distilled water and some leave-in conditioner (focusing on her ends) and added about 20 flexi-rods to her hair. I covered her hair with her bonnet, and the style set overnight. This morning, she had bouncy, springy curls. 

Now the weather IS rainy/wet/drizzly today so it will be interesting to see how this style pans out by the end of the day. Regardless, we are trying to hang on to this style til Friday when I get to wash and restyle her hair.

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