Choosing the Best Yarn for Your #FauxLocs

If you go to Michael's (of even Walmart's) yarn section, you are confronted with what seems like 100+ different options for yarn ranging from different textures, thickness, colors, and material. As a first timer in faux loc installation, it could possibly be a mind-boggling process, but the choices are relatively simple (unless you are deciding between that perfect hue of red or purple for your locs).

The number one rule in choosing the best yarn is that it is made from 100% acrylic. Unless you want to lock your natural hair with the yarn (which I have read is not a recommended method), read your labels and avoid any yarn made from wool or a wool blend. I would hate for a protective style such as faux locs to ultimately lead to a big chop 2 months later. Just a disclaimer...

Other than that one rule, the options are virtually endless in regard to color and color combinations. From my initial research, I found that many women use the Red Heart brand that can be easily found at Walmart in huge bundles or at Michael's (don't forget to whip out that 40-50% coupon on your phone for extra savings!). However, I was not too impressed with the look of that brand of yarn. It appears dull and did not seem (in my mind at the time) to match the sheen of my own natural hair. Granted, most of my hair would be covered.  Still, I was looking for something with a little more sheen and not as jet black as the Red Heart brand I saw in the store.

While browsing through the yarn section at Michael's, I came across the Caron brand of 100% Acrylic yarn. I was ecstatic because it had the sheen I was looking for in addition to being more of an off black (1B) color. The Simply Soft line is indeed soft but is also a bit more expensive than the Red Heart brand. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, the material cost of using yarn compared to Marley hair to create faux locs is very inexpensive. It is the labor that is costly...whew!

So grab whatever color of 100% Acrylic yarn you fancy. The best (color) yarn is the one that represents you!

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What brand of yarn have you used for your faux locs/genie locs/yarn wraps? What colors have you tried or plan on trying in the future? Need inspiration? Check out my pinterest board here.

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